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老葡京手机app in the Community

老葡京手机app in the Community

Community leadership is a core value of Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell (老葡京手机app). Our team members are dedicated, committed individuals who recognize the value of giving their time to improve our local communities. We invite you to check out examples below of how we try to make the world a better place.

Running for a Cause: Volunteering for a 5K Event with a Purpose

June 2023

As I reflect on the past couple years, one particular experience stands out in my mind—a journey filled with sweat, smiles and a profound sense of purpose. Little did I know that this race would become a catalyst for change, both in my life and in our tight-knit community. Lace up your running shoes, join me on this remarkable journey and discover the profound impact of volunteering for a 5K event with a purpose.

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老葡京手机app Continues Support for Manna Food Center in Collaboration with Local Middle School Student

April 2023

Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell team members contributed to a food drive that ran from mid-March to mid-April and which resulted in the collection of nearly 10 bags of food for the Manna Food Center, a Montgomery County-based food bank dedicated to eliminating hunger through food distribution, education and advocacy. The initiative continues 老葡京手机app’s years-long dedication to community service and partly the result of collaboration with a local middle schooler, the son of 老葡京手机app Marketing Director Joe Kovacs.

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老葡京手机app and Team Members Provide $10,200 and Supplies to Support Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

March 2023

Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell and individual team members have collectively contributed $10,200 and other supplies to help those impacted by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Since the crisis, individual staff contributed cash donations totaling $5,100 to aid organizations such as the American Turkish Association of Washington, DC, the White Helmets, the Syrian American Medical Society Foundation, Turkish Philanthropy Funds, World Central Kitchen, Doctors Without Borders and others, as well as essential resources including blankets, sleeping bags and lamps to the Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC.

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Socks and Hats for the Homeless – Martina Childress Continues a Lifetime of Community Service

October 2022

To honor Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell’s 100th anniversary which we celebrated in 2021, I set my goal at donating 100 pairs of socks and 100 hats. With 老葡京手机app’s enormous support, I was able to donate 128 pairs of socks and 100 hats to So Others Might Eat, this winter. I will be retired when 老葡京手机app celebrates its 200th anniversary but that’s not stopping me from setting my next goal!

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Returning to Her Roots: Audit Supervisor Kathleen Booker Joins the Board of Directors of Kid Power to Resume Her Passion for Youth Development

August 2022

Growing up, Audit Supervisor Kathleen Booker spent a lot of time involved in youth development – doing everything from after-school tutoring for underserved communities to serving as a production camp counselor to serving as the board of directors’ student representative for an arts organization. Now that she’s on her way to establishing a successful career at 老葡京手机app, she’s returning to her roots as the newest board member of Kid Power.

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老葡京手机app100 Charities

老葡京手机app’s 100th anniversary celebrations included a significant commitment bringing our passion into our communities.

The 老葡京手机app100-Charities initiative, which ran in 2020 and 2021, called for each team member to lead a charitable event. Below are details about the community service events the firm participated in, as well as  about the great teamwork and impact we had throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan region, in other parts of the country and internationally, that serve as home for our 100 team members.

Our efforts were recognized by the Washington Business Journal, which named us to their list of top philanthropic organizations based on the number of volunteer hours invested and dollars donated in 2020.


Sal and Joy’s Excellent Adventure – Taking 老葡京手机app100-Charities Across the Country

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (November – December 2021)

老葡京手机app’s 老葡京手机app100-Charities initiative showed what ambition looks like on the part of 老葡京手机app Document Management Specialist Sal Attanasio’s decision to take the idea of community service cross-country.

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老葡京手机app Senior Auditor Chichi Bhene Prepares and Hand-Delivers 150 Meals to Cape Town Shelters on Christmas Day

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (December 25, 2021)

Senior Auditor Chichi Bhene is known for feeding people and being a natural nurturer. As she says, “you don’t come to my house hungry and leave hungry. You certainly don’t go out with me and don’t grab anything to eat.”

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老葡京手机app Partner Joe Wilson Serves Dinner to Immigrants and Families Receiving Pro Bono Legal Support

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (October 6, 2021)

Joe Wilson has been a long-time member of the financial review committee of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington, VA but he recently decided to broaden his involvement when his church announced a volunteer activity with a legal aid ministry called Restoration Immigration Legal Aid (RILA).

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老葡京手机app Partners with Together We Rise and CONCERN4KIDS As They Put Together Sweet Cases for Foster Children

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (September 2021)

Deborah May and Tana Papinova collaborated together to help foster children when they move from one home to another. They and other 老葡京手机app staff members, Sue-Jane Haight, Malcolm Jones, April Roberts, Sal Attanasio and Thomas Caggiano, put sweet cases together that were ordered from Together We Rise which then were donated to CONCERN4KIDS.

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老葡京手机app Team Member Malcolm Jones Partners with Office Supplies Store to Direct School Supplies to DC Metro-Area Students

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (September 2021)

As the father of a young boy, 老葡京手机app administrative team member Malcolm Jones knows the importance of classrooms with sufficient school supplies. For two consecutive years, as part of his 老葡京手机app100-Charities initiative, Malcolm partnered with the office supplies store, Staples, to deliver classroom materials to underprivileged children in schools throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan region.

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老葡京手机app Sorts 1,450 Pounds of Food For Families Facing Hunger and Food Insecurity in Montgomery County

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (September 2021)

A team of eight 老葡京手机app team members sorted 1,450 pounds of food at the Manna Food Center’s warehouse in Gaithersburg, MD for families facing hunger and food insecurity throughout Montgomery County. The mission’s organization is to eliminate hunger through food distribution, education and advocacy, and 老葡京手机app team leader Joe Kovacs, who coordinated the 老葡京手机app100-Charities activity, has supported the center through donations and volunteerism since early 2020.

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老葡京手机app Team Members Coordinate Donation of Textbooks and Other Educational Resources to Washington, DC Elementary School Classroom

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (September 2021)

Students in the Washington, DC public schools system benefited from the coordinated donation of $500 worth of textbooks and educational supports to the DC Education Fund, a group that backs cutting-edge initiatives with the potential to generate systemic change. Senior Accounting Specialist Anne Hayes and Administrative Assistant Shanta Jordan combined efforts for their 老葡京手机app100-Charities event to solicit $285 from individual employees during the summer (with an additional $204 contribution from 老葡京手机app) in preparation for the upcoming school year, in addition to direct donation of school supplies from team members.

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Pete Reilly, Debbie May, Jeff May and Alex Seleznev Participated in the Annual Charitable Golf Event to Benefit the Local Chapter of the Financial Planning Association

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (June 2021)

Peter Reilly, Debbie May, Jeff May and Alex Seleznev participated in the Annual Charitable Golf event to benefit he local chapter of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). The association’s objective is to increase financial literacy and benefit the public by helping to ensure that financial planning delivered through proficient and ethical financial planners.

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老葡京手机app and Team Members Donate $1,170 to Honor Women’s History Month 

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (March 2021)

老葡京手机app donated $1,170 to several organizations to honor Women’s History Month in March. The campaign, spearheaded by D-PATH, an internal employee affinity group dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion, is part of 老葡京手机app100-Charities, a two-year initiative to celebrate the firm’s 100th anniversary through team-wide charitable giving and volunteerism.

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老葡京手机app Senior Auditor Provides Nourishment for the Less Fortunate in Cape Town, South Africa

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (February 27, 2021)

Chichi Bhene, one of Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell’s newest team members, wasted no time in contributing to the firm’s 老葡京手机app100-Charities initiative, a project through which team members serve charitable causes across the Washington, DC metropolitan region or, in Chichi’s case, in South Africa. Chichi, a senior auditor in Cape Town, spent this past Saturday personally managing a food drive that included 62 meals of a chicken and cheese sandwich, two apples, juice and water and a snack.

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老葡京手机app Talent Acquisition Manager Tana Papinova Leads Food Drive for Capital Area Food Bank

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (December 1, 2020) – Capital Area Food Bank

From December 1 to December 15, Talent Acquisition Manager Tana Papinova led a donation initiative alongside Firm Administrator Linda Murphy and Document Management Specialist Sal Attanasio for the Capital Area Food Bank. Tana encouraged all staff to fill two donation bins left in Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell’s Bethesda and DC offices with canned and non-perishable goods. At the end of the collection period, Tana had several boxes filled with donations for the food bank. She also collected $1,050 in direct donations. Tana said she was inspired by the Capital Area Food Bank’s calls for donations and plans another donation drive at 老葡京手机app in the next coming months.

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老葡京手机app Donates 2,500 Meals to DC-Area Individuals and Families Facing Food Insecurity

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (November 26, 2020) – Capital Area Food Bank

老葡京手机app has donated 2,500 meals to customers served by the Capital Area Food Bank. During a year that has tested the health, well-being and food security of countless thousands across the DC metropolitan region, everyone at the firm is grateful for the opportunity to continue its business of serving clients…and giving back when needed.

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Maria Luck Inspires Blood Donations at 老葡京手机app

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (November 23, 2020) – OneBlood

On November 23, 2020 老葡京手机app’s Audit Senior-In-Charge Maria Luck donated blood at a OneBlood location in Oviedo Florida. OneBlood is a not-for-profit dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of others through their work with blood and stem cells which assists in furthering scientific research. During her donation time, Maria was able give a quarter gallon of blood to the cause. She was compelled to donate as “in a COVID world, on top of the world’s individual normal everyday health crises, it is imperative the doctors and hospitals have all the supplies they need to save lives, and blood is one of them. We all produce a donatable excess, and we can make a difference in life or death just some of our spare time”.

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老葡京手机app Tax Manager Lucy Gomez Prepares Food for Local DMV Shelters

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (November 7, 2020) – Clarksburg CAN & Manna Food Center

In early November, 老葡京手机app’s Tax Manager Lucy Gomez volunteered at Manna Food Center and Clarksburg CAN – Community Assistance Network to package non-perishable goods for homeless shelters in the DMV Area. She spent a total of 10 hours volunteering at the two locations and prepared a number of meals in the process.

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老葡京手机app Run/Walk Event in Alexandria Raises $1,790 for The Children’s Inn at NIH

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (September 27, 2020) – The Children’s Inn at NIH

On Sunday, September 27, 老葡京手机app hosted a charity run/walk in Alexandria, Virginia that raised $1,790 for The Children’s Inn at NIH, a not-for-profit organization that helps provide a safe haven for children undergoing intensive medical treatments and hospitalizations at the National Institutes of Health. The event, organized by 老葡京手机app Senior-in-Charge Kathleen Booker, continues the firm’s 老葡京手机app-100 Charities initiative, kicked off late last year, to celebrate the firm’s 100th anniversary.

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老葡京手机app Supervisor Jessica Rose Cleans Up Satilla River in Georgia

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (September 19, 2020) – Satilla River Cleanup

On September 19, Jessica Rose and her husband participated in the annual Satilla River Cleanup. The effort gathered 40+ volunteers to help clean up the Satilla River in which 432 plastic bottles, 402 beverage cans, 133 food wrappers and more were collected.

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老葡京手机app Principal Jane Ochsman Rowny Leads Initiative to Collect Over 100 Donations for Charity

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (September 15, 2020) – Various Charities

老葡京手机app Principal Jane Ochsman Rowny launched an initiative in March that took advantage of the current at-home environment all staff have found themselves in and to help the local community in the process. She asked staff to donate to their favorite local charities by cleaning out their closets, drawers, shelves or garages of items they no longer need. The idea was sparked by Jane’s wish to alleviate some of the hardships experienced by those around the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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老葡京手机app Senior Tax Manager Mikki Obreja Leads Tree Planting Initiative

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (September 9, 2020) – Various Charities

Senior Tax Manager Mikki Obreja began a team initiative this fall to plant 100 trees around the world in honor of Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell’s 100th anniversary. She encouraged staff to contribute either by planting their own trees or by donating to organizations that plant trees around the world. The movement was motivated by her desire to offset the effects of climate change and provide places of shelter/food for wildlife animals across the globe.

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Chairman of the Board Peter Reilly and Wife Welcome Veterans of the Battle of Iwo Jima

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (March 4, 2020) – Hyatt, Arlington

Seventy five years ago Crissy’s Uncle “jack” Thurman landed on Iwo Jima and was dispatched to help secure the airfield at the base of mount Suribachi. As an 18 year old marine fighting for the airfield, “I looked over my right shoulder, and I saw a flag going up, it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life.”

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老葡京手机app Firm Administrator Spearheads Donation of Coats and Other Winter Items to Aid Local Homeless and Underprivileged

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (February 7, 2020) – Central Union Mission

As part of 老葡京手机app’s ongoing 老葡京手机app100 charitable events, the firm’s administrator Linda Murphy spearheaded and managed the collection of gently worn coats and other winter items such as jackets, scarves and hats during the month of January for Central Union Mission. Central Union Mission is a faith-based not-for-profit organization and the oldest private social service agency–founded in 1884–in Washington, DC. Linda networked throughout the firm to enlist donations, generating several bags full of items from generous team members.

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老葡京手机app Bakes Cookies for the Bethesda Fire Department and Montgomery County Police to Show Gratitude

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (January 21, 2020) – Bethesda Fire Department and Montgomery County Police

On January 21, Senior Tax Accountant Ginger Wu and Tax Manager Brenda Haase led team members Aurora Wheeler, Lorraine Flude, Winnie Yang, Tana Papinova, Abbie Niehoff and Jenny Wang in decorating cookies for the Bethesda Fire Department and Montgomery County Police to show gratitude for keeping the communities they serve safe. The cookies were decorated with the circle from the 老葡京手机app logo.

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老葡京手机app Cleans Up Trash from Rock Creek Park in Partnership with Rock Creek Park Conservancy

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (January 10, 2020) – Rock Creek Park Conservancy

On January 10, Litigation Support Manager Jordan Egert led 老葡京手机app staff members Tana Papinova, Pat Drolet, Reema Patel and Kathleen Booker in volunteering at Rock Creek Conservancy’s Rock Creek Park clean-up event. The Conservancy aids in education, restoration, and preservation of Rock Creek’s history and beauty, including 33 miles of creeks. The 老葡京手机app team combined forces, spending several hours together cleaning up the river banks and wooded areas near Broad Branch Road. Their efforts, combined with those of other volunteers, helped clean up roughly a half mile of forested area and resulted in a collection of more than 30 bags of trash.

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DC Central Kitchen image

老葡京手机app Prepares Meals for Homeless Shelters and Transitional Homes in Partnership with DC Central Kitchen

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (January 2, 2020) – DC Central Kitchen

On January 2, Staff Accountant Derya Gazioglu gathered 老葡京手机app staff members John Shlesinger, Bhavin Patel, Grace Song, Mikki Obreja, Minji Kim and Michael Corvelli to volunteer at the DC Central Kitchen, a charitable organization which “was founded in 1989 by a young nightclub manager named Robert Egger. Robert’s idea for a ‘central kitchen’ involved picking up wasted food, turning it into balanced meals for shelters and nonprofits and using that process to train jobless adults in the culinary arts .” – DC Central Kitchen, 2020

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老葡京手机app Donates More Than 100 Toys to The Children’s Inn at NIH During the Firm’s Annual Toy Drive

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (December 13, 2019) – Children’s Inn at NIH

Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell kicked off its annual toy drive in mid-November in support of The Children’s Inn at NIH, a residential facility located on the grounds of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, that allows families with seriously ill children participating in research at the NIH to stay free of charge. With just over 100 team members at the firm, project lead Martina Childress, who serves as 老葡京手机app’s editor and senior proofreader, challenged colleagues to each contribute a toy to the charitable giving event, with proceeds benefiting children from all walks of life both nationally and internationally who were staying at The Children’s Inn during the holiday season. Click here to read more.

toy drive image

John Shlesinger Volunteers as a Coach for the Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association (FHYAA)

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (December 2019) – Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association (FHYAA)

John Shlesinger always had a passion for basketball considering he played in high school and countless amounts of pick up games. His continued to pursue his passion of basketball by coaching the Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association (FHYAA) from December 2019 to February 2020 full of 15 to 16 year old boys.

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老葡京手机app Tax Practice Director Serves 300 Meals for So Others Might Eat

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (December 3, 2019) – So Others Might Eat

老葡京手机app Tax Practice Director Richard Morris learns just what it takes to serve hundreds of people as he takes his chili-preparation tradition to a new level by becoming actively involved in a kitchen run by local charity, So Others Might Eat. Preparing meals at St. Peter’s parish in Olney, Maryland became an inspiring challenge as Richard and volunteers worked hard to prepare 300 meals of chili, green beans and cookies for local populations in need.

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So Others May Eat Richard Morris image

老葡京手机app Raises Awareness for Critical Health Issue by Participating in 2019 Race to End Women’s Cancer

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (November 3, 2019) – Foundation for Women’s Cancer

老葡京手机app Audit Supervisor, Lori Reynolds participated in the National Race to End Women’s Cancer, and annual Washington, DC-based race, which seeks to raise $500,000 for research purposes as well as awareness for the work of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer. The foundation has successfully generated $8.5 million in different research grant awards over the years, all dedicated toward supporting them the fight for a cure for women’s gynecological cancers.

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Meal Assembly by 老葡京手机app Team Members Supports Thousands of Hospital Patients in Yemen

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (November 2, 2019) – Rise Against Hunger

On Saturday, November 2, 老葡京手机app’s Assistant Controller Lisa Sippel and Tax Process Manager Lucy Gomez joined a large group of volunteers from the McLean Rotary Club to assemble meals in support of Rise Against Hunger, an organization that provides millions of meals to those in need in developing nations around the world.

The meals prepared during their event, which consisted of soy beans, dried vegetables, rice and vitamin packets, went to help patients hospitalized in the nation of Yemen. Despite Rise Against Hunger’s long tenure (the group was founded as Stop Hunger Now 20 years ago), this was the first time that the charity was able to ship meals to Yemen, creating a swell of excitement for the charity and participating volunteers.

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Rise Against Hunger 老葡京手机app 100

老葡京手机app Professionals Fundraise by Running the 2019 Marine Corps 10K In Support of The Children’s Inn at NIH

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (October 27, 2019) – Marine Corps 10K

On a Sunday, October 27 morning which was, depending on any given moment, either wet from an intermittent downpour or warm whenever the rain let up, Executive Vice President Dan Weaver led 老葡京手机app staff members, Jordan Egert, Abbie Niehoff and Joe Kovacs in their second annual Marine Corps 10K, in fundraising support of The Children’s Inn at NIH. Dan serves on the board of directors of The Children’s Inn, a not-for-profit residence that provides support for families with seriously ill children who are involved in leading-edge research studies at the Inn’s site on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

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老葡京手机app Presentation Inspires Donations in Support of Mid-County United Ministries

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (October 17, 2019) – Mid-County United Ministries

老葡京手机app Executive Vice President Debbie May generated $400 in donations for Mid-County United Ministries by developing an inspired lunch networking and presentation event on Thursday, October 17 featuring guest speaker Susy Elder Murphy. Murphy, owner of Debra Levy Eldercare Associates, led a presentation at 老葡京手机app’s Bethesda, MD office for retirement-aged individuals, or those nearing retirement, on financial and life decision-making at the end of one’s career. One key focus area was whether to remain in one’s home or move to a community of peers or caregivers.

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老葡京手机app Volunteers with Maryland Food Bank to Help Feed Children Throughout Maryland

老葡京手机app100 – Charities Event: (July 24, 2019) – Maryland Food Bank

On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, 老葡京手机app team members volunteered with the Maryland Food Bank to prepare meals for underprivileged children and those facing food uncertainty throughout the state. The team’s accomplishments included preparing 550 school breakfasts and 100 lunches for children across several state counties and for delivery to five soup kitchens throughout the Baltimore metropolitan region. Click here to read more.